“Creating innovative health supplements and natural products that cater to everyone”

The Malaysian market for dietary supplements has grown steadily over the years. In a market report by Euromonitor, the Vitamins and Dietary Supplements market based in Malaysia has achieved RM3.1 billion sales in 2019. This has shown vast improvement and growth of the dietary supplements market ever since its RM2.07 billion sales in 2014.

Here at Special Enhancement, our main goal is to assist you in creating your ideal formulations so that you can be one of the top players in this growing market of health supplements.

Since the beginning of our business in 2011, we have created various health supplement formulations which focus on the health and wellness of the society. Our roots in health supplement formulation and branding have led us towards creating viable solutions for our clients.

We aim to leverage distinct advantages when it comes to designing and developing new health supplements, at the same time ensuring the final products are created with excellence.

Our formulations are tailored for a variety of food products, health supplements and traditional herbal remedies which are supplied to organisations across multiple industries such as:


Multi-Level Marketing Corporations


Single-Level Marketing Corporations


Retail Pharmacy Company


Individual Product Holder/ Distributor and Wholesaler


Beauty and Cosmetic Industry


Online Marketing

With our knowledge, passion and experiences in the healthcare industry, as well as inputs from other industry leaders which we work closely with, we believe that our company’s specialists can guide you effectively through a series of intricate processes of creating and developing your products in this competitive market.




Yong Bee Ling

Founder & CEO

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Wayne Woo


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Strive to grow and evolve into a dynamic food and nutritional supplement contract manufacturing business through ethical business practices, innovation, hard work and honesty.



To offer the optimum combination of quality, price and services that meets our clients’ needs and requirements through our innovative production methods, uncompromising attention to our clients’ needs and the conscientious efforts of our team.

Core Value


We focus on positive energy and find gratitude in our work.


What comes around, goes around. We keep our circle positive – think good thoughts – speak good words – create good vibes.


We never settle and always strive for the best. The sky is not the limit – the limit is your imagination.


We believe in teamwork and growing together. We always look out for one another and no one will ever walk alone.


We promise to be honest and transparent every step of the way in providing our services and creating viable solutions which stand out in the market.


We are grateful for each other - We believe that establishing and maintaining healthy relationships with our clients and partners is a beautiful thing to be grateful for.